Dedicated to serving families and individuals in need.


The Ozarks has always been a community that cared for it’s own people.  Whether the threat was tornadoes, ice storms, hunger, poverty, or families in crisis, we take care of our neighbors and help each other through the hard times.

Heart of the Ozarks is a nonprofit organization serving the Ozarks, offering a wide variety of programs dedicated to helping individuals and families in need.  The goal of each of our programs is to give temporary assistance while providing individuals with the tools they need to change their own lives.

Most of our support comes from local businesses who want to make a difference in the community.  Through our annual partnership program and seasonal gifts, these corporate citizens work with us to ensure everyone in the Ozarks has the opportunity to succeed.


Heart of the Ozarks has a variety of programs designed to meet needs in the community.  All of our programs are designed to meet immediate needs and to bring people to a place where they will be able to sustain themselves.  To that end, we offer both emergency assistance programs and on-going training.



Sometimes disaster strikes the Ozarks, creating needs beyond the day-to-day for families. When ice storms, tornadoes, or other community-wide disasters occur, our Disaster Emergency Response Team is mobilized to help meet the community’s crisis needs. Dozens of our DERT volunteers have received training from state agencies and have the tools needed to make a difference.

Food Pantry

Hand Extended Food Pantry is one of the charity’s largest programs. The vision of Hand Extended is to reach out to the people that have fallen between the cracks. The food pantry offers a three-day emergency supply of food to families when grocery supplies are running low for the month. Each family receives nine complete, nutritionally balanced meals from our friendly volunteer staff. Each year, Hand Extended distributes more than 60,000 meals to the community.

Freedom Recovery Services

Freedom Recovery Services is for people who need more in-depth counseling to overcome their life-controlling issues. Our program offers free counseling with our state-certified counselors through the Missouri Department of Mental Health. The counselors meet individually with clients to address their specific situations and help them find true freedom from their addictions. For more information on this program, please call 417.848.LIFE (5433).

Pass It On

Pass It On is a unique program that provides Christmas gifts not only for children, but for their parents as well. Instead of just distributing gifts, our program allows people to come and select a gift to give to someone else. Parents pick gifts for their children, and children select gifts for their parents. Our focus helps people focus on giving, not just receiving. We want everyone to have something to give at Christmas time. Each year, Pass It On provides more than 1500 gifts for those who would otherwise have no Christmas.

Simple Organized Savings

S.O.S. offers classes designed to help you manage your life efficiently and effectively by offering tips on couponing, shopping, meal planning, home organization, time management, gardening, and many other daily life skills. Learn to take control of your life by making small changes that yield big results to free up your time, your money, and your life.

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